Nestled within the Warrior Academy, The Elephas Coffee & Health Bar was created with the hope of forming a tight-knit community filled with like-minded individuals. This philosophy is rooted in the behavioral characteristics of the Asiatic elephant (of the genus Elephas). From India in the west to Borneo in the east, the elephants can be seen moving in packs, their families and herds an integral part of their lives. Elephants form lifelong friendships and bonds, which is why we’ve created a place for healthy and active individuals to build a community together with each sip of coffee and every bite of nutritious grub.

The Warrior Academy is a unique all-encompassing concept and space, that bridges martial arts, strength & conditioning, wellness and nutrition to provide you with a complete holistic health and fitness experience regardless of your age, gender, ability or experience. Conveniently located on the West Side of Hong Kong Island (close to HKU MTR), we are more than just a gym. We’re a fully equipped 7,000 square foot space, with an internationally accredited and qualified coaching team you can trust, that strives to not only make you feel at home but to empower you to achieve your health and fitness goals.